Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 'Jubilee Street' by John Hillcoat

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 'Jubilee Street' by John Hillcoat
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John Hillcoat gets back together with Nick Cave, and brings another old buddy into the frame to explore the darker side of the human condition in the video for Nick and the Bad Seeds’ Jubilee Street.

Ray Winstone plays the regular customer of a young sex worker, torn between desire and self-loathing, while Nick Cave plays the louche on-screen narrator, and John Hillcoat draws out the drama of the scenario for all its worth.

Since directing The Proposition in 2005 – written by Nick Cave and featuring Ray Winstone – John Hillcoat has gone on to to direct The Road and Lawless in Hollywood, but has kept coming back to make promos for Cave, just as he’s done for the past 20-plus years. And he worked with Winstone again on the video for UNKLE’s The Answer. Now this.

Shot in East London, it was beautifully photographed by Erik Wilson – and Winstone gives a great nuanced performance. Of his many Nick Cave videos, this is arguably John Hillcoat’s most cinematic of all.


John Hillcoat
Malachy McAnenny
Production Company
Executive Producer
Mary Calderwood
Production Manager
Tom Birmingham
Director of Photography
Erik Wilson
Focus Puller
Ahmet Husseyin
Clapper Loader
Louis Spanswick
Matt Cole
Nick Ray
Andy Lowe
Art Director
Lou CorcoranLou Corcoran website
Hair & Make-up
Martina Luisetti
Ameena Kara Callender
1st AD
Ed Bellamy
2nd AD
Andrew Richards

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