Marika 'Cannibal' by Gareth Phillips

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Gareth Phillips' latest work is a surreal, gluttonous and stomach churning promo for Marika, featuring some chaps getting their chops around a awful lot of food, whilst Marika watches. The greedy diners don't have the most delicate table manners and Gareth makes sure to include plenty of close ups that, depending on your personality, will either make you feel very hungry or a bit sick.

It's a disturbing ritual at heart and the last few scenes are a real eyeopener. Here's Gareth on creating the beastly banquet:

"Marika's old school chapel provided the perfect location, and set her up as a kind of angelic figure, witnessing a disgusting feast. The cast were amazing and I can't thank them enough, they literally threw themselves into the bowls of jelly and piles of hamburgers.

"I felt bad when I asked them to take bites out of the blocks of butter but that feeling didn't last long when I saw how disgusting the image looked. Caroline Steiner did a great job in creating the rich platter of putridity that gradually smelt worse and worse over the course of filming and Ben Coughlan did a great job at lighting the location and subjects with little budget and little time. I'm quite happy with some of the reactions to the video, not many people want to watch it twice, I advise watching it after lunch. Bon appetit!"


Gareth Phillips
Drew Morten
Executive Producer
Sean Stuart
Production Company
Kiri Mellalieu
Joseph Crone
Paul Moth
Director's Representation
Debs Ramsey
Jamie Oborne

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