Sweet Baboo 'Let's Go Swimming Wild' by Casey Raymond

Sweet Baboo 'Let's Go Swimming Wild' by Casey RaymondSweet Baboo 'Let's Go Swimming Wild' by Casey Raymond
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Sweet Baboo's very cool Let's Go Swimming Wild gets a characteristically colourful and clever video from Casey Raymond. First and foremost its a gentle spoof of our touchscreen zeitgeist, as Steve Black aka Sweet Baboo starts transforming into a cat, courtesy of the viewer/operator who is creating the look of the video using off-the-shelf FX and wallpapers.

And the facepaint makeup is in the same ballpark as the awesome work by James Kuhn in Young Rival's Two Reasons. It's actually the work of folk singer Cat Le Bon - Steve usually plays bass in Cat's band. No wonder the video is cat-tastic...



Casey Raymond

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