The Lumineers 'Stubborn Love' by Isaac Ravishankara

The Lumineers 'Stubborn Love' by Isaac Ravishankara
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Following his starring role in Carlos Lopez Estrada's promo for El Sportivo & The Blooz Isaac Ravishankara gets back to his day job delivering this simple and charming promo for Denver trio The Lumineers.

Filmed entirely from the perspective of inside a car, a young girl (played by Talula Paulson) embarks on a road trip with her mother and witnesses all that passes by her window. Along the way, the car rolls into a desert town where the band are playing out on the street...


Isaac Ravishankara
Production Company
Doomsday EntertainmentDoomsday Entertainment website
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde
Jason Colon
Director of Photography
Kevin Hayden
1st AD
Jesse Fleece
Production designer
Tyler Jensen
Elise Velasco
Focus Puller
Spencer Goodall
Isaac Ravishankara and Stelth Ulvang

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