Dahlia Black 'Fuck A Rap Song' by Ruff Mercy

Dahlia Black 'Fuck A Rap Song' by Ruff MercyDahlia Black 'Fuck A Rap Song' by Ruff Mercy
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The distinctive part-live action part-animation style of Ruff Mercy (aka Bristol-based Russ Murphy) has graced excellent promos for ScHoolboy Q, Flying Lotus and Blu, and 'new king Of Hip Hop' Kendrick Lamar in the past few months. Now he's just dropped another killer for the claustrophobic, twisted, Odd Future-influenced hip-hop of Black Dhalia - a collaboration of rapper/producer Blue Daisy and Hey!Zeus - for the provocatively-titled Fuck A Rap Song.

The lyrical content is hypnotically grim and RM's embellishments over the head-shot performances just make it all the more mesmerizing...


Production Company
Soup Factory
Director's Representation
Debs Ramsey
Director of Photography
Steve Santa Cruz
Dan Stace

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