Swim Deep 'The Sea' by Daniel Brereton

Swim Deep 'The Sea' by Daniel Brereton
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Daniel Brereton headed down to the Elephant & Castle shopping centre in South London with Swim Deep - a young band harking back to late 80s bagginess, right down to the centre partings - together with an appealing group of extras and super-fans to make the video for The Sea - and achieving an easygoing, happy mood worthy of the second Summer of Love....

"The idea stemmed from photos I had seen of the band making the rock horns sign with their hands," Daniel explains. "I thought it would be fun to base a video around people doing the "horns", and getting lots of characters and unlikely people to do it, like babies and grandmas. So I wrote this as a treatment but then as the idea developed I thought that it was better to broaden it out a bit. So the idea is basically people having fun and expressing themselves. It's a bit like the message within Swim Deep's music.

"Emile Rafael (Producer) and Jon Mealing (PM) assembled a bunch of fun extras, including a karate expert, a dance troupe from Wales, a baby, a grandad and tonnes of the bands fans and friends, and we descended upon Elephant and Castle shopping centre to have fun. For me this location is a character in itself, and it was a privilege to be able to shoot inside, and also pretty much do what we want.

"I also wanted everything to have a considered look to it, so shots were composed symmetrically. The clean lines and concourses of the shopping centre were great for this, but so was the chaos and characters that we met whilst we were there. Then Jo Apps did a great job of making the edit really easy and rhythmical, and we finished it off with a really dreamy grade at Rushes with Jack McGinity."



Daniel Brereton
Emile Rafael
Executive Producer
Claire Stubbs
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Production Manager
Production Assistant
Rio Cahill
1st AD
Kerry Green
Director of Photography
Brain Fawcett
Jimmy James
Art Director
Laura Herman
Cesca Dvorak
Casting director
Zeta Konak
Joanna Apps
Jack McGinity
Elizabeth Doonan

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