'Whateverest' by Kristoffer Borgli

'Whateverest' by Kristoffer Borgli
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Kristoffer Borgli's music video for Todd Terje's Inspector Norse won the best dance video (budget) category at the UK Music Video Awards last November. But that was actually the music video edit of Kristoffer's short film Whateverest, which tells the story of a guy from provincial Norway who goes by the internet alias of 'Inspector Norse' and inspired Todd Terje's smash hit dance tune. That film has been doing the rounds at international film festivals for the past few months, winning the special jury award at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles.

Now everyone can watch em>Whateverest and discover what is not so apparent in the Inspector Norse video - that this is an affecting portrait of a real guy called Marius Solem Johansen: living in a small Norwegian town; a loner and failed musician with a predeliction for powerful home-cooked drugs, with quite frightening consequences; but also with a deep love for electronic music, and dancing.

In short, a remarkable short doc - with great use of Todd Terje's music too. Unless its all fake - in which case it's just about the greatest fake doc ever made...


Director of Photography
Håvard Byrkjeland
Mikael Svartdahl
Daniel de Vue
Sound design
Daniel Angyal
Production Company

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