Jeff Wayne/War Of The Worlds New Generation ft Gary Barlow 'Forever Autumn' by Ian Emes

Jeff Wayne/War Of The Worlds New Generation ft Gary Barlow 'Forever Autumn' by Ian EmesJeff Wayne/War Of The Worlds New Generation ft Gary Barlow 'Forever Autumn' by Ian EmesJeff Wayne/War Of The Worlds New Generation ft Gary Barlow 'Forever Autumn' by Ian Emes
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Ian Emes delivers a visual realisation of Jeff Wayne's new version of War Of The Worlds for the rock opera's big song Forever Autumn, featuring Gary Barlow.

Intercut with original footage and animated visuals from the live show and with starring roles for Liam Neeson and Anna-Marie Wayne (Jeff's daughter), Ian's promo focuses on the character of Carrie abandoning her home as the Martian's attack.

"When Jeff Wayne's masterwork was released a year after I had completed the animation for Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of The Moon, I was hungry for another project to let my imagination loose on" explains Ian. "And it was the era of the concept album, (or as Jeff refers to TWOTW, a Musical Work), big ideas were being explored in music, experienced like free-flowing movies in the head.

"Consequently, it was incredibly exciting to be given the opportunity to direct a music video for The War of The Worlds - The New Generation. Driven by Jeff's stellar standards of creativity, I felt compelled to find a fresh perspective on the story of George, the journalist narrator (played by Liam Neeson) on his journey across a London besieged by Martians, while searching for his fiancé Carrie.

"I chose to explore what it might have been like for Carrie, waiting alone in her father's grand Victorian mansion, uncertain if George is dead or alive, while the Fighting Machines thunder past and the dreadful, creeping Martian Red Weeds surround her. The theme is about loss, while everything familiar is being consumed by an alien entity. Not your usual music video theme. Jeff Wayne confronts us with the end of civilisation as we know it, and it's just my cup of tea...."


Ian Emes
Adrian Harrison
Line Producer
Andrew Clarke
1st AD
Pete Davies
Director of Photography
Tony May
Art Director
Aristotelis Maragkos
Pete Murray
Leonie Hartard
Kyle Mann
Sam Chase
Guy Savin
Editing company
Marshall St Editors
Marisa Garner @ Marisa Garner AssociatesMarisa Garner @ Marisa Garner Associates website

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