Hurts 'Miracle' by Favourite Colour: Black

Hurts 'Miracle' by Favourite Colour: BlackHurts 'Miracle' by Favourite Colour: BlackHurts 'Miracle' by Favourite Colour: Black
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Making his first foray into music promos, Favourite Colour: Black – its the name commercials director Chris Turner is using for his vids – works with the mighty Hurts on this eyepopping, epic promo to Miracle, the first single from their second album Exile (out March 11).

FC:B marries the band’s widescreen synthpop with this dark and dramatic journey through a post-apocalyptic shopping mall, peppered with religious imagery and fearless half-clad dancers – beautiful, with loads of personality to boot – ending on a rooftop with the Hurts hashtag-like logo in flames. A highly impressive music video directing debut by anyone’s standards.


Favourite Colour
Director of Photography
August Jakobsson
Thalia Murray
Production Company
Stable London
Production Manager
Phoebe M
1st AD
Barry Coldham
2nd AD
Tom Kelly
Focus Puller
Gavin Macarthur
Camera operator
Christian Swain & Jackson Wardle
Daniel Essex
Jason Reynier
Dave Tyler & Dan Tyler
Art Director
Rob Nicholls
Mark Whelan
Matt Turner
Absolute Post
Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UKAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK website

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