Syron 'Here' by Chloe Hayward

Syron 'Here' by Chloe HaywardSyron 'Here' by Chloe Hayward
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New director Chloe Hayward works with Syron on the promo to the infectious and hugely atmospheric Here. We see the South London singer in recovery mode after the night before - and then ready to do it all again with Chloe supplying the intimate club vibe and sexy visuals...


Chloe Hayward
Production Company
Phink TV
Rosie Wells
Production Manager
Mark Wilson
Director's Representation
Jen Herrera @ Las Bandas Be BraveJen Herrera @ Las Bandas Be Brave website
Director of Photography
Charlie Herranz
Ady La Roux
Houmam Abdallah
Focus Puller
Stefan Yap
1st AD
Ionut Paliev
Andy Lowe
Grading company
The Mill London
Art Director
Hazel Townsend
Jojo Copeman
Carlos Moura
Special Thanks
Stefan Baumslager, Marek Ventur, Will Eng and Rebecca Russell
Caroline Clayton
Jen Herrera

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