The Saturdays 'What About Us' by Sarah Chatfield

The Saturdays 'What About Us' by Sarah Chatfield
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The Saturdays invade California in Sarah Chatfield's latest video for band - their debut American release - where she crafts an infectiously fun promo set against LA's urban landscape to accompany What About Us, currently climbing the Billboard Hot 100.

Sarah lends an informal, playful style to the visuals, following the girls in the big city culminating in a little bit of trespassing (and a lot of dancing) in the home of America's sacred sport, the baseball field...


Sarah Chatfield
Production Company
Rockhard/Spittn Image
Melissa Ciampa
Production Manager
Randy Donaldson
Director of Photography
Eric Maddison
Production designer
Elizabeth Moore
Nicole Olson
Lindsay and Craig @ Bloc
Beau Lyon
Emily Tedrake

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