Theme Park 'Tonight' by Ronan Pollock

Theme Park 'Tonight' by Ronan PollockTheme Park 'Tonight' by Ronan Pollock
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Peppered by atmospheric diffused lighting throughtout, Ronan Pollock recreates the hedonism and sophistication of club life in the 70s in his promo for Theme Park's Tonight.

With some authentic art direction from Jon Hollingsworth and sharp styling by Selina Wong, Ronan's champagne-fuelled version of Studio 54 is bolstered by a charismatic cast and a magnetic performance from the band...


Ronan Pollock
Production Company
Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp website
Executive Producer
Tamsin Glasson
Joe Golding
Director of Photography
Brian Fawcett
Focus Puller
Ran Geffen
Art Director
Jon Hollinsworth
Phil Currie@ Stitch Editing
Houmam AbdallahHoumam Abdallah website
John Moule

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