2 Chainz 'I'm Different' (Director's Cut) by Elisha Smith Leverock

2 Chainz 'I'm Different' (Director's Cut) by Elisha Smith Leverock
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Elisha Smith Leverock steps up to the plate to work with 2 Chainz, one of the biggest names in US hip-hop right now, and makes a very different hip-hop video for I’m Different.

Shot in Miami, barely a hip-hop video convention is left unscathed – particularly in this directors cut of the video that’s pulled in 6.5 million YouTube plays in the past two weeks. 2 Chainz’s luxury boat never leaves the road, the gangsters bust the cop – and that car wash service is definitely different…


Elisha Smith
Executive Producer
Tom Birmingham
Production Manager
Chad Tingle
Production Company
RokkitRokkit website
Director of Photography
Alexis Zabe
Focus Puller
Albert Gelabert
1st AD
Russell Katzman
2nd AD
Dennise Perez
Lavelle Higgins
Paul Womack Iii
Kylie Griffiths
Art Director
George Hernandez
Peter "L'il Pete" Parente
Matt Nee
Post Producer
Dan Moran
Director's Representation
OBmanagementOBmanagement website
Island Def Jam Recording Group

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