Sinead O'Connor '4th and Vine' by Kathryn Ferguson

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Sinead O'Connor is back with a new album ready to drop next month. In the meantime, she's released her new video for '4th and Vine' as a taster of what's to come. Directed by Kathryn Ferguson, it's an artfully done black and white promo focusing on Irish wedding customs, filmed just outside Dublin. It's also the first music video to feature Sinead herself in over ten years, as she busks in the pub at the wedding reception!

"As it was a wedding song and reminded me of the traditional wedding songs I decided to look back at the now mostly defunct wedding rituals of mid century rural ireland," Kathryn explains. "Rituals like breaking the bread over the bride's head and the appearance of the anonymous strawboys used to feature heavily at most country weddings..."


Ruth Treacy
Director of Photography
Production designer
Mark Kilbride
Art Director
Anna Sweeney
Morna Ferguson
Carly Baker
Isla Jeffrey

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