The Knife 'Full Of Fire' by Marit Östberg

The Knife 'Full Of Fire' by Marit ÖstbergThe Knife 'Full Of Fire' by Marit Östberg
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After her solo diversion as Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson is back with The Knife - her band with brother Olof Dreijer - and evidently making some uncompromisingly quirky electronic music. Full Of Fire, from the new album Shaking The Habitual, is accompanied by an equally intriguing/challenging film by Stockholm and Berlin-based filmmaker and visual artist Marit -stberg, which explores some of the less conventional branches of sexuality...

"The film consists of a network of fates, fears, cravings, longings, losses, and promises. Fates that at first sight seem isolated from each other, but if we pay attention, we can see that everything essentially moves into each other. Our lives are intertwined and our eyes on each other, our sounds and smells, mean something. Our actions create reality, we create each other. We are never faceless, not even in the most grey anonymous streets of the city. We will never stop being responsible, being extensions, of one another. We will never stop longing for each other, and for something else."


Rabid Records
Director of Photography
Liz Rosenfeld
Focus Puller
Paula Alamillo
Casting director
Siri Hjorton Wagner

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