Wave Machines 'I Hold Loneliness' by Jack Whiteley

Wave Machines 'I Hold Loneliness' by Jack WhiteleyWave Machines 'I Hold Loneliness' by Jack Whiteley
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A truly psychedelic journey is on the cards for Liverpool's Wave Machines. Their synthy electro-pop is perfectly suited to Jack Whiteley's camera and computer experimentation with colour in abundance. Jack and his team have used a variety of different ingenious tricks to create the promo's many different visual effects. This included projection mapping, special effects programs, affected CGI and, most intuitively, playing music through thin layers of water.

Here's what Jack had to say about it: "All the footage of Tim (the lead vocalist) singing the verses (where he's lit by blue and orange light) were achieved for real by having him lie on the floor and placing a glass door in front of his face with a thin layer of water on it. Speakers were then attached to the edges of the door and synth sounds of varying frequencies were passed through it to create the distortions you see on his face.

"The distorted texture of the water varied depending on the frequency of the sound, some created smoother ripples, others were more spikey, and it was a case of trial and error to get them to respond in time to the songs rhythm and pace."


Jack Whiteley
Special thanks
Sebastian Brueckner, Laura Brownhill and everyone

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