K Koke ft Rita Ora 'Lay Down Your Weapons' by Courtney Phillips

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K Koke ft Rita Ora 'Lay Down Your Weapons' by Courtney Phillips K Koke ft Rita Ora 'Lay Down Your Weapons' by Courtney Phillips2 Courtney Phillips showcases his skill for narrative form with the delivery of his promo for UK MC K Koke - featuring an appearance from the UK's fastest rising star, Rita Ora. Shot over two days on a prison set at Wimbledon Studios, Lay Down Your Weapons, beautifully lit and shot by Ben Todd, follows a young incarnation of the rapper as he deals with the pressures of a stint inside. Already the subject of an early feature on the Guardian music blog, the promo deals less with the glamourization of life in jail but a study of a young person's experience within the prison system. K Koke ft Rita Ora Lay Down Your Weapons (Sony Music) Director: Courtney Phillips Executive Producer: Naomi Simpson Producer: Micki Pearlman PM: Laura Jenkins DOP: Ben Todd Art Director: Harry Chapman 1st AD: Steve Wingrove Editor: Sam Ostrove @ Cut + Run and Ellie Johnson @ Speade Colourist: Denny Cooper @ Rushes Directors Rep: Obmanagement Commissioner: Lisa Foo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4DtV1jsiuU


Courtney Phillips
Executive Producer
Naomi Simpson
Micki Pearlman
Production Manager
Laura Jenkins
Director of Photography
Ben Todd
Art Director
Harry Chapman
1st AD
Steve Wingrove
Ellie Johnson
Denny Cooper @ Rushes
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Sam Ostrove

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