The Cribs 'Leather Jacket Love Song' by Andy Knowles, Gregor Stevenson & Chris Stack

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cribs 1 cribs 3 Previously co-directing the interactive fun of 'Glitters Like Gold', Andy Knowles returns with another lo-fi gem for The Cribs. Teaming up with the guys from creative agency Ralph – that's Gregor Stevenson and Chris Stack – they've taken the band back into their VHS past to meet the younger versions of themselves. There's some post-production and trickery here, but probably not as you expect. The footage of The Cribs Jr rehearsing is genuine footage stored from the 1990's and has been cunningly sliced with footage of the present day northern rockers. The old-meets-new feel couldn't be a better way to celebrate the band's new 'best of' record. "When The Cribs showed me footage of them as kids rocking out in a rehearsal room, it was obvious to us all that a music video had to be made with the content," says Andy. "After conversations with the band and watching VHS tapes of old footage, we made a start on a treatment which would be an ideal way to celebrate their best of album ‘Payola’. I took the video to the creative agency and production company ‘Ralph’ who I’ve worked with many a time and along with the fantastic creative team of Gregor Stevenson and Chris Stack. The video for Leather Jacket Love Song was created. "The video blends original camcorder footage from 1997 with newly shot footage to show current day Cribs performing with their younger selves. Despite its lo-fi, VHS look, the video uses a sophisticated mix of visual effects, hidden cuts, lookalikes and set decoration to sell the illusion that two generations of Cribs are performing together at the same time. We went to great lengths to to re-create the rehearsal room and gig venue from 1997. Shooting in the bandʼs hometown of Wakefield – the video was filmed at the exact same locations as the 17-year old home movies." The Cribs Leather Jacket Love Song (Wichita) Directors: Andy Knowles and Gregor Stevenson & Chris Stack Producer: Andy Knowles Production Company: Ralph


Andy Knowles and Gregor Stevenson & Chris Stack
Andy Knowles
Production Company

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