Pixel 'Call Me' by Ola Martin Fjeld

Pixel 'Call Me' by Ola Martin Fjeld
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This marvellous video for Norwegian jazz combo Pixel's Call Me is a comic-drama directed by Ola Martin Fjeld set in the prosaic surroundings of a caravan park in mid-Norway in late summer. But a surprising dance performance by one family for their fellow holiday-makers lays bare the tensions between mother and daughter. And that, in turn, inspires the girl's fiery, and very enjoyable, dance performance...

"Pixel is a hot potato on the Norwegian jazz scene and made their international break with Call Me," Ola explains. "The song is a good mix of anger and playfulness and we wanted to bring both these elements into the video. "We agreed early on with the lead singer Ellen Wang that we wanted to do a dance video that was out of the ordinary. I spent every summer in my childhood in caravan parks and have always wanted to portray the people and aesthetics of these kinds of parks. So we got the idea to combine the two into a extraordinary dance show on a caravan park. The video was shot in one weekend in late summer – in Lyngstrand Camping close to Gjøvik, in the middle of Norway – with a small budget and a fantastic cast and crew."  


Embla ...s
Ola Martin Fjeld
Production Company
Production Manager
Ida Johannessen
1st AD
Marius Søvik Bergersen
Director of Photography
Håvard Byrkjeland
Stian Zethelius
Marit Gjølme Dalva
Andrea S. Gustavson
2nd AD
Alexander Vestnes
Sound design
Lasse P. Nøsted
Norsk filmdesign
Production Assistant
Live B. Eide, Alexander Svanaas

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