Nabiha 'Mind The Gap' by Scott Altman

Nabiha 'Mind The Gap' by Scott Altman
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Simple, stylish and striking, Scott Altman captures Danish singer Nabiha in full-flight performance mode in his monochrome promo for her Mind The Gap single. "After pitching on the video, label and management approached me with a couple of ideas" says Scott. "In the end we stripped the ideas back and decided to shoot a performance based video in black and white. Once again Nabiha was great to work with - a natural performer, who's ability and talent got better with every take. "Everyone else involved with the shoot was incredible to work with too - from the guys at The Camden Studio, to the crew & those on set, to Cut & Run and Framestore. Amazing to experience how willing and helpful the UK industry still is (across the pipeline), in making things work on a slim budget video so many thanks to all involved." Nabiha Mind The Gap (disco:wax/Sony Music) Director: Scott Altman Producer: Tom Booth DP: Catherine Derry Focus Puller: Bruno Travers Camera Assistant: James Ballard Stylist: Susan Hildebrandt Make-up: Emma Dennis Editor: Nathan Perry-Greene @ Cut & Run Grade: Dave Ludlam @ Framestore Production Assistants: Luke Farley, Martin Izzard Commissioner: Morten Vilhelm


Scott Altman
Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Bruno Travers
Camera operator
James Ballard
Susan Hildebrandt
Production Assistant
Luke Farley, Martin Izzard
Morten Vilhelm

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