Leona Lewis 'Love Bird' by Trudy Bellinger

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Leona Lewis 'Love Bird' by Trudy Bellinger Leona Lewis 'Love Bird' by Trudy Bellinger3 Wearing some very fetching eye furniture courtesy of Jane Bradley, Leona Lewis teams up with Trudy Bellinger for the promo to new single Love Bird. With styling from Dean How and hair by Ben Cooke, Bellinger captures Ms Lewis at her most glamorous – even when caged like a bird... Leona Lewis Love Bird (Syco) Production Company: Crossroads Films UK Director: Trudy Bellinger Producer: Bobby Bray Music Video Rep: Jen Herrera At Las Bandas Be Brave Production Manager: Fatima Zaman Lighting Cameraman: Tony Miller Art Director: Ashling Johnson Wardrobe Stylist: Dean How Makeup Stylist: Jane Bradley Hair: Ben Cooke Video Commissioner: Mike O’Keefe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0lg-loAP1I


Production Company
Crossroads Films UK
Trudy Bellinger
Director's Representation
Las Bandas Be Brave
Production Manager
Director of Photography
Tony C Miller
Art Director
Ashling Johnson
Ben Cooke
Director's Representation
Jen Herrera

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