Diane Birch 'Unfucked' by Fern Berresford

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Diane Birch 'Unfucked' by Fern Berresford Diane Birch 'Unfucked' by Fern Berresford2An intense and mesmerising promo for Diane Birch's Unfucked by photographer Fern Berresford, making her first music video. It sees an art installation come to life – a heart bleeding paint onto a plinth creates gorgeous patterns. But the heart, hanign on a nail, is itself deteriorating, reflecting the tension and distress in the song. It was all created with a combination of model making, in-camera effects and animation. "It was a great shoot as we got to experiment with lots of different materials and techniques," says Fern. "I spent a week testing different paint consistencies and colour pallets and working out different ways to make the movement of the paint as interesting as possible. I also ran a series of tests on mini-sets to create visual textures that would feel organic and help build the atmosphere we were after. My flat ended up looking like it belonged to some paint crazed scientist! By the end of the shoot I was on first name terms with all the staff at my local Homebase." Diane Birch Unfucked Director: Fern Berresford Production Company: Coy! Communications Producer: Cat Viana Production Manager: Viggo Blegvad Director’s Representation: OBmanagement DoP: Jake Scott 1st Assistant Director: Jay Lusser Art Director: Tamsyn Mystkowski Art Department: Oli Bell, Manu Delaborde, Karin Christensen, Catriona Wright Model Maker: Carmen Mueck Post Production: Tiny Dog Editor: Alastair Bendall Telecine: Lily Bendall Animation: A Large Evil Corporation Commissioner: Sophie Graham @ Warner Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmwdtTBx3yo&feature=player_embedded


Fern Berresford
Production Company
Coy! Communic
Production Manager
Viggo Blegvad
Director of Photography
Jake Scott
1st AD
Jay Lusser
Art Director
Oli Bell, Manu Delaborde, Karin Christensen, C
Post Producer
Tiny Dog
Alastair Bendall
Lily Bendall
Sophie Graham @ Warner Music

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