Amplify Dot 'Get Down' by The Sacred Egg

Amplify Dot 'Get Down' by The Sacred EggAmplify Dot 'Get Down' by The Sacred Egg
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The Sacred Egg deliver this unique ‘eye control’ promo for Amplify Dot’s Get Down, where the artist’s eye movement controls the angle of the shot.

Mixing furious staccato performance edits with animation snippets and stills, The Sacred Egg drive the thunderous soundtrack to excellent effect.

“We wanted to do a performance video where someone’s eyes controlled the position of the camera” explain the directing collective. “We shot with around fifty cameras – that made our lives a little tricky on the day and made our editor’s life kind of hellish afterwards…

“Kelly – thanks for keeping going even after your eyes began to swell up.”



The Sacred Egg
Production Company
Riff Raff FilmsRiff Raff Films website
Director of Photography
Tony C Miller
Art Director
JP Frazer
Kelly Armstrong
Matt Osborne
Grading company
Elliott Tagg

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