Eli & Fur 'Tonight' by Francis Wallis

Eli & Fur 'Tonight' by Francis Wallis
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Francis Wallis takes the directing reins for Eli & Fur's Tonight single. High in style, two dj's perform in a promo that touches on notions of darkness and fashion.
"Eli & Fur are really going places. They are very much on the pulse in regard to the scene at the moment" explains Francis. "It was important that we got the look right in this video, straying away from anything too commercial".


Francis Wallis
1st AD
Ben Burton
Director of Photography
Matt North
Focus Puller
James Moser
Alex Edyvean
Art Director
Grace Bailey
Edward Spreull
Chris Roebuck
Ned Al-Astrabadi
Director's Representation
Jen Herrera @ Las Bandas Be BraveJen Herrera @ Las Bandas Be Brave website
Production Company
Jen Herrera

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