Velvet Code 'Get Outta My House' by Stephen Lally

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Stephen Lally brings a twisted 60's dolls house to life, in terrifying style! The video sees some colourful, eclectic miniature madness as couples war and the lady of the house eventually has her revenge. It's a blinding fusion of perfect art-direction, styling and some top choreography.

Dancers Jade "Flossy" Sullivan and Ste Hopps put in a terrific show with some excellent dancing and expression as the porcelain pair.

Stephen said: "My concept was to go for the camp, twisted jugular - and create a video that was as ridiculous and manic as the song!

"The video was self-funded by the artist and as the budget was tiny, the whole project became a real labour of love over several months for myself and my regular crew - DoP Charlie Herranz, stylist Rachel Pearce and hair and make-up team of Nina Butkovich-Budden and Issidora. And it also proved a family affair as I worked with my Dad on creating everything from scratch - and from cardboard.
"We collaborated on the look of The Toy Bride's abode - a surreal Beetlejuice-meets-David Lynch dream house. The props and sets were inspired by early 60s sitcoms and dollhouses from that era - which were made from stiff "snap-back" cardboard. I drew up all the interior concept art before it was rendered into life-size form - and shipped over in printed rolls from Dublin to be assembled like flat-pack furniture in our studio in London! The Toy Bride's TV, phone, magazines - even her Tiki Bar. Everything. Keeping that hand-crafted, kitsch vibe running through and through!"


Stephen Lally
Rachel Pearce
Dare Cullen
Production designer
Tom Lally
Final Cut
Executive Producer
Velvet Code
Rosie Wells
Post Producer
Lisa Vaughan @ UNIT, London
Jade "Flossy" Sullivan @ Profile Models & Ste Hopps @ Sophie's People
Ryan Beck

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