Hudson Taylor 'Cinematic Lifestyle' by Ben Lankester

Hudson Taylor 'Cinematic Lifestyle' by Ben Lankester
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Irish brothers Hudson Taylor join Ben Lankester in Paris for their first ever video, busking in various spots throughout the city.

Lensed by DP Matt Shaw with Ben on an additional Bolex camera, Mr Lankester had this to say about the production:

"The video was shot on 16mm in Paris over 24 hours. "Our poor French driver darted all over the city in rush hour traffic as we chased the light and our loader changed rolls in the back.

"The boys were terrific, delivering consistently great performances all day long".


Ben Lankester
Production Company
Gas & Electric
Matt Klemera
Director of Photography
Matt Shaw
Edwin Metternich @ Framestore
Director's Representation
Debs Ramsey @ YI London
Hanan Cher

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