Reebok 'I Am Classic' (Facebook Connect feat Labrinth) by [PIAS] Media, Powster and James Berridge

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Indy record company [PIAS]'s media wing - [PIAS] Media - have fused music with marketing for this interactive campaign using the growing toolset of Facebook Connect. Building on Reebok's motto "it takes a lot to make a classic" you're taken on a musical journey, working hard to become a pop sensation - all from the comfort of your chair (whilst wearing Reebok's of course).

Logging in with your Facebook account, your friends are there to cheer you along as you go from having your demo tape binned to supporting Labrinth - if you live in the UK. European users are treated to any one of French rapper OrelSan, Italian duo Two-Fingerz, Spanish DJ Brian Cross or German hip-hop artist Herr Sorge.

The video's interactive design and Facebook integration are all excellently handled by Powster - responsible for the impressive Paper Crows 'Build EP' trail earlier this year.


James Berridge
Production Company
[PIAS] Media, Powster and So & So
Executive Producer
Jamie Davis
Production Manager
Charlie Bettice
1st AD
Hamish Storey
Director of Photography
Leon Willis
Focus Puller
Chris Stevens
Rob Hart
Richard Jones
Art Director
Joe Borowski and Ben Hopwood
Lizzie Barwell
Seana Gavin
Post Producer

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