Twenty One Pilots 'Holding On To You' by Jordan Bahat

Twenty One Pilots 'Holding On To You' by Jordan BahatTwenty One Pilots 'Holding On To You' by Jordan Bahat
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Jordan Bahat mixes an abstract blend of a live shoot with maverick stage performances from Twenty One Pilots in his promo for the band's single Holding On For You.

"The intent for the video was to translate the band's live energy onto the screen" says Jordan. "As a two-piece band, Twenty One Pilots invests a lot into the theatrics of their live shows to give their fans a big experience.

"The song speaks about the demons we wrestle with in our daily lives. Taking some license from the band's knack for theater, I made the demons literal, added some smoke and ballerinas and let the band to the rest."


Jordan Bahat
Production Company
Artists & Derelicts
Sloane Skala
Director of Photography
Andrew Wheeler
1st AD
Li Lu
Nick Bupp
Candice Brittain
Executive Producer
Missy Galanida
Rob G Wilson
Kevin Cannon @ Prehistoric Digital

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