Rhythms Del Mundo 'Viva La Vida (Africa Mix)' by Chris Debney

Rhythms Del Mundo 'Viva La Vida (Africa Mix)' by Chris DebneyRhythms Del Mundo 'Viva La Vida (Africa Mix)' by Chris Debney
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"I'm always happy to help Kenny Young and his charity Artist Project Earth with their fight for a better, more sustainable world" explains Chris. "Kenny (who is a legend in his own right) enlists the help of some great recording artists to raise awareness".

"The story in the promo is about an alien from a ravaged planet who arrives at Earth with the hope of finding a new Utopia, but unfortunately finds that Earth is heading towards a similar catastrophe as his own home.

"It took me just under 5 weeks, I did all of it (with five pc's) from storyboard to final edit. A talented friend, Martin Bell came on board to help with the character animation. I've been doing this sort of thing for years, so have a pretty good idea as to what's possible in the time if you push yourself, and having a big stock library helps!

"This may be my last promo, I (finally) start my first feature next year but have recently signed to Mom&DAD in case a decent tune comes along!".



Chris Debney
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Kenny Young

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