Sigur Rós 'Valtari' by Christian Larson

Sigur Rós 'Valtari' by Christian LarsonSigur Rós 'Valtari' by Christian Larson
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The latest addition to the Valtari Mystery Film Project – Sigur Rós’s open brief to several filmmakers to make a video for a song of their choice from their current album – is a beautiful piece by Christian Larson which combines no less than four songs from the album.

It’s also very much a contemporary dance film, capturing the work of world-renowned Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and dancers James O’Hara and Nicola Leahey. The drama (and sexual tension) and the contrast between very solid industrial materials and the suppleness and fragility of the human body is highlighted by the setting – an abandoned turbine hall, just outside of London. It’s mesmerising – beautifully photographed by Mattias Montero, and showing a very different side to Christian Larson, who as a director is best known for pulsating pop vids for Swedish House Mafia, Kylie and others.

Christian’s contribution to the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment was produced out of Black Dog Films – currently looking for a new Directors Representative to look after their extensive roster of talent including Jonas Akerlund, Sophie Muller, Christian Larson, Adam Powell, Johan Renck, Floria Sigismondi and Shynola. Black Dog are interested in people with production experience and a good knowledge of the industry – any interested parties get in touch directly via email Svana Gisla at with their CVs.



Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Director of Photography
Mattias Montero
Executive Producer
Svana Gisla
Noreen Khan
Sidi Larbi
Christian Larson
Pana, UNCLE Berlin
Unit, London
Sound design
Erik Olsson, Redpipe
Graphic design
Hi-Sim Studios
Executive Producer
Debbie Garvey

Watch here

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