Loved Ones 'Weekends Are Ours' by Ian Gamester

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Liverpudlian band Loved Ones recently managed to bag themselves a free music video by winning the 'GIT Award', a Merseyside music award organised by music journalist Peter Guy from the Liverpool Echo. The winning weight was put on filmmaker Ian Gamester - who directed the video for Kodaline's Lose Your Mind earlier this year - to come up with the goods.

The video followers two 'young in love' campers, who are destined to face a It looks great, but it's the fascinating and eerie story that steals the show. Ian's excellent narrative pans back and forth between the characters before reaching it's chilling and creepy climax. It might be no-budget, but it has certainly got more atmosphere than some big-budget thrillers.

Ian says: "Once crowned winners I met with Nic from Loved Ones. The only direction he suggested was Kill List. I checked out the film, sought inspiration from the more Wicker Man elements of the story and tried to come up with a suitable narrative that could be achieved with a zero budget. So, with a bit of superglue and smoke bombs we managed to come up with something!

"It has an eeriness, especially the second half of the song. The challenge was to create a mood without being too over the top. If the video is a success, then that is largely down to the fantastic performances of Helen and James. We shot the video over a half day in the Wirral, where the Loved Ones are based. Racing against the sunset we managed to get what we needed."


Ian Gamester
Helen Webster and James Spofforth

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