Josh Kumra 'Waiting For You' by Rob & Rob

Josh Kumra 'Waiting For You' by Rob & RobJosh Kumra 'Waiting For You' by Rob & RobJosh Kumra 'Waiting For You' by Rob & Rob
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Josh Kumra's Waiting For You has inspired a beautifully-produced video, directed by Rob & Rob, with a very strong, very well-executed visual idea around the singer-songwriter's heartfelt performance.

Josh and several intriguing characters are captured while they travel in the back of different trucks along different highways - observed from above with their most treasured possessions, or at a crucial moment in their lives. The direction and production design of each vignette is itself impressive, but it's the overall concept - not surprisingly requiring some painstaking visual effects work - which makes it a winner. It's great to see some proper VFX making an idea fly in a British pop vid...

Producer Amber Millington reveals that Rob & Rob - recently nominated at the UKMVAs for their Bombay Bicycle Club video for Lights Out Words Gone - originally wanted to shoot it all for real, with a camera rig on a separate truck attached to the prop truck while they both drove down real roads. "This approach would have caused so many logistical problems for the production so we had to think hard about how to fake it," she says. "So we decided to use 3D roads which Rob & Rob looped in post and treated in the grade to match each character's scenario. They then rotoscoped the trucks out of their static studio background and placed them down on their corresponding roads."

From the director

Rob&Rob:  "On first listen the song conjured up imagery of characters on the road which tied in well as Josh had just returned from touring. The different characters were all conjured up with a theme of dependency, be that negative or positive spins on the subject. We felt that the lyrics had a similar theme and that it tied in really well, without being too on the nose about things. The whole idea was rolled out very quickly in fact, it just sort of happened in a matter of minutes on paper.

"It was a real challenge working out the logistics of bringing the idea to life but with the help of our awesome team we had a result we were really happy with. We were bowled over by the wonderful set design and brilliant shooting by our DoP. It was really fun, and easy to work with Josh - he seemed to get where we were going with it instantly, and just let us do our thang."


Production Company
Agile FilmsAgile Films website
Director of Photography
Dan Stafford Clark
Production Manager
Kat Cattaneo
Art Director
Lucie Red
Rob & Rob
Director's Representation
OB Management
Elizabeth Doonan
Amber Millington

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