Mumford & Sons 'Lover Of The Light' by Idris Elba & Dan Cadan

Mumford & Sons 'Lover Of The Light' by Idris Elba & Dan CadanMumford & Sons 'Lover Of The Light' by Idris Elba & Dan Cadan
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Powered by a narrative that merges together two separate ideas that originally came from both the band and Idris, the actor - in a co-direction with acclaimed scriptwriter Dan Cadan and produced by UK - appears on both sides of the camera to deliver a gripping snapshot of a man dealing with disability in his own idiosyncratic fashion.

"Talking to Idris and Dan about making a video that we're not in made it a lot more fun to think about. They went off and wrote the treatment after our ale-infused conversation in a pub in London, and what they directed, we are proud to present as: Lover of the Light."


Idris Elba & Dan Cadan
Production Company
Radical Media
Executive Producer
Leopoldo Gout & Ben Schneider & Jodie Brooks
Director of Photography
Michael McDonough
Julia Knight @ Trim
Mike Mooney
Paul Harrison

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