Placebo 'B3' by Eric Epstein

Placebo 'B3' by Eric EpsteinPlacebo 'B3' by Eric Epstein
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Eric Epstein, winner of the MVA for Best Visual Effects at the UKMVAs last year for his acclaimed Memory Tapes video, and nominated for this year's awards for Hilary Hahn and Hauschka, now brings his distinctively spectral way with VFX for rock vets Placebo's B3.

Eric creates separate nightmare scenarios for two people - a young man confined in a room, who struggles to keep his physical identity as a result of mirror effects; at the same time a young woman in a park is chased by clone versions of herself. It's absorbing and spooky rather than scary - and works well with Placebo's trademark anguished emo on B3.

"For me the song describes battling with the negative emotions that hold us back," says Eric tells Promo News. "So it made sense to depict people in some struggle with themselves, being their own demon. The mirror effects made use of a custom-built dual-camera rig, which was fun to see realised."


Eric Epstein
Executive Producer
Gail Mosley
Production Company
Nice & PoliteNice & Polite website
Director of Photography
Joe Desalvo
John Resner @ PeepShow New York
Eric Epstein, Nic Seresin
John Moule

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