Little Mix 'DNA' by Sarah Chatfield

Little Mix 'DNA' by Sarah ChatfieldLittle Mix 'DNA' by Sarah ChatfieldLittle Mix 'DNA' by Sarah Chatfield
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Sarah Chatfield makes an impressive return to British pop, by channeling a little bit of Sin City in her sassy and visually bold video for Little Mix's DNA: Sarah turns the X Factor-honed girls from glamourous pop stars into equally glamourous stalkers in a noirish story of obsession.

The DNA video is beautifully shot by Will Bex, with stark contrasts, dramatic camera angles and heavy skies pushing the film noir-meets-comic book look pioneered by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez - aided and abetted by some quality post work at Nice Biscuits. We actually like working at their sister company, Digestive Biscuits.


Sarah Chatfield
Tiernan Hanby
Executive Producer
Tamsin Glasson
Production Company
Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp website
Director of Photography
Wil Bex
Art Director
Michael Mulligan
Antonia Tibibe
Adam Burrell
Zoe Irwin
Johnny Rayner
Pete and Paul @ Nice Biscuits
Nice Biscuits
Mike O'Keefe

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