Tulisa 'Sight Of You' by Luke Hyams

Tulisa 'Sight Of You' by Luke HyamsTulisa 'Sight Of You' by Luke HyamsTulisa 'Sight Of You' by Luke Hyams
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Making his move from pure drama to music videos and commercials and signing to Holster Studios, Luke Hyams brings his drama expertise to his debut promo for Tulisa's Sight Of You.

Shot over two days in West London, Luke had this to say about the production:

From the director

"The heart of the video is love on the brink. Tulisa had a very specific idea of a story she wanted to tell. The challenge was working out how to squeeze a BIG story into 3 and half minutes.

"Tulisa and I had worked together a couple of years ago on my show Dubplate Drama and I knew she had the ability as an actress to keep the material true and casting Jody Laytham (Shameless, Eastenders) was a real gift to the project, having such an experienced actor to play against Tulisa really helped heighten performance.

"We scheduled the first day to primarily cover Tulisa's performance with the second day reserved for shooting the narrative elements. This allowed Tulisa to step away from her artist persona on the second day and truly concentrate on getting into character for the acting scenes.

"The crew moved quick and my long time collaborators, DP Jamie Cairney and Production Designer Chris Richmond, were invaluable in crafting the look and feel of the piece.

"Shooting this promo was a lot of fun. Tulisa and Jody were actors who had a natural chemistry and I think that came across on screen."


Luke Hyams
Production Company
Holster Studios
Dale Healy
Production Manager
Geoff Morgan
Production Assistant
Jake Bowditch
1st AD
James Nunn
2nd AD
Ollie Williamson
Director of Photography
Jamie Cairney
Danny Bishop
Nelson OliverNelson Oliver website
Tim Wiley
Art Director
Chris Richmond
Arlen Figgis
Houmam AbdallahHoumam Abdallah website
Alex Burt
Special Thanks
Anthony Holt @ Filmscape, Barna
Tamara Brooks
Grading company
The Mill London

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