Levek 'Black Mold Grow' by Michael Lawrence

Levek 'Black Mold Grow' by Michael Lawrence
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Shot in the Buffalo area of upstate New York, a young woman haunted by her demons forms the narrative of Michael Lawrence's highly watchable promo for Levek's Black Mold Grow.

"David (from Levek) and I spoke for months about the meaning behind the album - and Black Mold Grow in particular," explains Michael. "Similar images kept on coming into both of our heads - a gauzy, transcendental view on a young woman's struggle with her psyche.

"Creating the film was an organic process - everything from the original script to the end product was guided by the nature surrounding us. The locations and environments added a large scope to the film - but, more than anything, created a backdrop for a character-driven story to unfold in a spontaneous, genuine way."


Michael Lawrence
Director of Photography
David Kruta & Michael Lawrence
Alex Amoling
Sam Gursky
Sound design
Jeff Melanson
Max Collins & Michael Lawrence
Post Producer
Special Thanks
Sue Scott, Mike Aug
Jessi Frick

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