Deacon Blue 'The Hipsters' by Jack Laurance

Deacon Blue 'The Hipsters' by Jack LauranceDeacon Blue 'The Hipsters' by Jack Laurance
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A young schoolboy escapes bullies at the swimming pool by climbing to the top of a very high diving platform in Jack Laurance's promo for The Hipsters - the new single from a re-energised Deacon Blue.

After winning a competitive pitch, Armoury - a production company specialising in commercials on online advertising set up by Jack Laurance and Clare Gibson last year - were selected to produce the promo, their very first music video.

"Without wanting to give away the ending, we scoured the land for a young high diver with great acting skills," explains Jack. "This was no easy task but after some exhaustive casting we found 11 year old Noah Williams.

"Noah is currently the Eastern regional champion on 1 metre, 3 metre platform and has been hailed as the next Tom Daley.

"Noah had never actually attempted the dive he performs in the video before (from the highest 10 metre platform) and trained for it specifically for the video."


Jack Laurance
Production Company
Armoury London
Director of Photography
John Lee
Focus Puller
Kris Dallimore
Darren Quin
Andrew Trewartha
Jack Laurance
Noah Williams, Ford Fagan, Kai Mitchell Andrews, Melody Farrell
Artist management
One Fifteen

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