The Vaccines 'I Always Knew' by Jesse John Jenkins

The Vaccines 'I Always Knew' by Jesse John JenkinsThe Vaccines 'I Always Knew' by Jesse John Jenkins
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Jesse John Jenkins finds distinctiveness and dry humour in his third consecutive video for The Vaccines, after No Hope and Teenage Icon - the promo for I Always Knew finds singer Justin in a moment of loved-up bliss with the lovely Dree Hemingway on a fairground ride.

Its a whirlwind romance alright - and Jesse John shoots it like a dream sequence that eventually goes a bit queasy. In short, another satisfyingly bittersweet affair which makes a virtue from Justin and co's dodgy taste in jean waistcoats and jackets...


Jesse John Jenkins
Dree Hemingway
Tina Pawlik
Executive Producer
Claire Stubbs
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Director of Photography
Trevor Forrest
Max Windows @ Stitch
Paul Harrison @ Finish
1st AD
Mark Fenn
Jason Martin
Bex Croft
Production Assistant
Rhian Gwenlan
Nelson OliverNelson Oliver website

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