Beatie Wolfe 'Too Lovely' by Beatrice Black & Jonah James

Beatie Wolfe 'Too Lovely' by Beatrice Black & Jonah JamesBeatie Wolfe 'Too Lovely' by Beatrice Black & Jonah James
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Shot on Parliament Hill in North London, Beatrice Black and Jonah James deliver this simple, introspective piece for singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe to partner her single Too Lovely.

Produced in conjunction with 1TakeTV - a music production company 'for the online generation' - Black and James' promo oscillates between the London shoot and old home movie footage.

"This is the autumn single and is darker in mood and far more internal than my previous single Never Ever" says Beatie. "The video reflects this idea of being locked in the past over a failed relationship (hence the old footage) and the battle going on within".


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