Connan Mockasin 'Faking Jazz Together' by Fleur & Manu

Connan Mockasin 'Faking Jazz Together' by Fleur & Manu
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After their M83 videos, Fleur and Manu continue exploring the world of the superhuman and supernatural in a far more intimate fashion with this delightful promo for New Zealand's Connan Mockasin.

Fleur and Manu revisit the levitation found in the Midnight City and Reunion vids for M83, but here they happen during the course of a one-shot where the camera happens upon a astonishing ceremony in a forest, involving a group of intriguing characters.

Producer Jules de Chateleux reveals that it took two hours to shoot in three takes - followed by three months of post production to create the beautiful effects of human weightlessness...

"It's thanks to two geniuses," says Jules. "Vincent Heisne at Home, & Jf Fontaine at MachineMolle. They erased everything..."


Fleur & Manu
Production Company
DivisionDivision website
Jules de Chateleux
Line Producer
Mounia Mebarki
1st AD
Mark Zarka
2nd AD
Marie Mezeray
Casting director
Emma Skowronek
Director of Photography
Yoan Petitcoulaud
Carole Gehendges
Nadine Bournazeau
Post Producer
Home Digital Pictures
Post Producer
Machine Molle

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