Gregory Darling 'Invitation' by Antoine Dixon-Bellot

Gregory Darling 'Invitation' by Antoine Dixon-Bellot
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Antoine Dixon-Bellot's video for American recording artist Gregory Darling's song Invitation takes a lighthearted look at the fevered anticipation caused by the arrival through the letterbox of a party invitation.

We see the preparations of two excited guests-to-be - and Gregory also gets an invitation. But as he heads off in his very cool roadster, it turns out he's a bit too cool to bother with the red carpet event. He'd rather head to another party...


Production Company
Mastermind Media
Director of Photography
Carl Burke
Seth Cros
Focus Puller
Job Reineke
1st AD
Stephanie Zari
Chris Westwood
Art Director
Anthony Neal
Gemma Bedeau
2nd unit director
Robin Van Calcar
Camera operator
Stefan Yap
Doug Walshe
Simon Akins, Adam Living
Antoine Dixon-Bellot

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