Marina & The Diamonds '(How To Be A) Heartbreaker' by Marc & Ish - now signed to Love

Marina & The Diamonds '(How To Be A) Heartbreaker' by Marc & Ish - now signed to LoveMarina & The Diamonds '(How To Be A) Heartbreaker' by Marc & Ish - now signed to Love
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Following their commercial for the Renault Clio - which was Campaign's Ad Of The Week and described by News Of The World as 'Britain's sexiest TV ad ever' - Ishbel Whitaker and Marc Hawker have signed to Love for music promos.

Marc & Ish's work originates in fine art and experimental architecture and have collaborated with David LaCapelle, Dita Von Teese, Zaha Hadid. The team worked with BBH, Weiden + Kennedy, Publicis and have been commissioned by Channel 4 and More4.

Their debut for Love is this fun and raunchy promo for Marina & The Diamonds which sees singer Marina having a wee get-together with a bunch of semi-naked men in the shower...


Marc and Ish
Executive Producer
Paul Mckee
Production Company
Aline Sinquin @ MPC
Post Producer
Pedro Pinto MPC
Line Producer
Mikkel Damkiær
Production Manager
Joakim Harder
Director of Photography
Stuart Graham
Focus Puller
John Frimand
Clapper Loader
Charlotte Rose W
Michael McDuffie Finlay
Thomas Neivelt
Christian Brøndum
Production designer
Rasmus With
Tine Knudsen, Jamie Ryan
Alan Parks

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