Marina & The Diamonds '(How To Be A) Heartbreaker' by Marc & Ish - now signed to Love

Marina & The Diamonds '(How To Be A) Heartbreaker' by Marc & Ish - now signed to LoveMarina & The Diamonds '(How To Be A) Heartbreaker' by Marc & Ish - now signed to Love
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Following their commercial for the Renault Clio - which was Campaign's Ad Of The Week and described by News Of The World as 'Britain's sexiest TV ad ever' - Ishbel Whitaker and Marc Hawker have signed to Love for music promos.

Marc & Ish's work originates in fine art and experimental architecture and have collaborated with David LaCapelle, Dita Von Teese, Zaha Hadid. The team worked with BBH, Weiden + Kennedy, Publicis and have been commissioned by Channel 4 and More4.

Their debut for Love is this fun and raunchy promo for Marina & The Diamonds which sees singer Marina having a wee get-together with a bunch of semi-naked men in the shower...


Marc and Ish
Executive Producer
Paul McKee
Production Company
Post Producer
Line Producer
Mikkel Damkiær
Production Manager
Joakim Harder
Director of Photography
Stuart Graham
Focus Puller
John Frimand
Clapper Loader
Charlotte Rose W
Michael McDuffie Finlay
Thomas Neivelt
Christian Brøndum
Production designer
Rasmus With
Tine Knudsen, Jamie Ryan
Alan Parks
Aline Sinquin

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