Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 'Black Mold' by Toon Aerts

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 'Black Mold' by Toon AertsJon Spencer Blues Explosion 'Black Mold' by Toon Aerts
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Jon Spencer finds the perfect person to visually interpret the raw blues-rock power of his Blues Explosion's new single Black Mold - from the brand new album Meat and Bone. It's Toon Aerts, of course.

It's about two sleazy guys, who come across a flying saucer in the woods - from which one of them contracts a very nasty, and probably terminal case of Black Mold. Carrying on the unbeatable combination of action, horror, efective FX and lashings of black (mold) comedy - its what Toon has done to great effect previously with The Sore Losers. Again, Evil Dead is an influence for Black Mold, but it's also a bit more Lynchian-dark too... Toon was interviewed by Jon's friend, New York-based writer Mike Edison, about the making of the video, and told him:

"We shot it in Wallonië in the southern part of Belgium. Originally we wanted to crash a flying saucer into a western town, and were thinking of doing it in Spain, where a lot of Spaghetti Westerns were shot, but we couldn't really get a crew there. That's when I came up with the idea to do it in the woods. A lot of horror films are in the woods, The Evil Dead reference was there right away, so I found this place and the owners were happy to work with us.

"It really wasn't as cool as it looks - we had to take out all of their furniture and put in a new set. It was a lot of work. We experimented a lot with the black mold effect. Saskia Verreycken, the SFX person, has a special machine to put fur on humans. She is famous in Belgium for doing make up and effects for movies and TV -- when anyone is getting shot or bleeding, she is there!
"The guy that gets infected is Andreas Perschewski, he's a German actor living in Brussels, and he just has this face that kind of sticks in your mind. He was just the perfect man for the job, and he suffered a lot for his art, covered in all that black silicon gel! The role of his brother is played by Igor Paszkiewicz, a dancer and musician and a good friend of mine. He also has such a remarkable appearance. The two of them were just perfect for that deep woods vibe."


Toon Aerts
Production Company
Post Producer
Isaac Gozin
Joost Vandekerckhove
Saskia Verreycken
Executive Producer
Eurydice Gysel
Line Producer
Nele Carlier
Andreas Perschewski, Igor Paszkiewicz, Xavier Benoit & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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