Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch 'Sweet Nothing' by Vincent Haycock

Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch 'Sweet Nothing' by Vincent HaycockCalvin Harris ft Florence Welch 'Sweet Nothing' by Vincent Haycock
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Dressed in a cool black suit, Florence Welch walks out onstage in a workman's club to perform in Vincent Haycock's hard-hitting promo for Calvin Harris' new single Sweet Nothing.

Meanwhile outside on the mean streets of Dalston, violence erupts as Harris pays an East London gang to attack Welch's abusive boyfriend...


Vincent Haycock
Production Company
SomesuchSomesuch website
Jamie Clark
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Art Director
Ruth Crawford
Jemima Penny
Ross Hallard @ Trim
Simon Bourne @ Framestore
Sound design
James Megee @ Wise Buddha
Director's Representation
Free Agent UKFree Agent UK website

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