Everything Everything 'Cough Cough' by Jon Everything

Everything Everything 'Cough Cough' by Jon Everything Everything Everything 'Cough Cough' by Jon Everything
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Everything Everything return with a new song Cough Cough and the band's singer/guitarist Jonathan Higgs (aka Jon Everything) has taken up the directing reins once again - aided and abetted by producer Phil Tidy. But the playful, colourful approach of the likes of Photoshop Handsome has been replaced by a political edge: the band take up the sticks of Japanese Taiko drummers, cut with abstract shots of oil floating in water and footage from last year's London riots.

"The song is about greed and wealth and I wanted a symbol for that, so I chose crude oil," Jon Everything explains. "I wanted us covered in it, consuming it, setting it on fire, everything. I was inspired by the riots last summer, hearing stories from those who were on both sides, and watching it from my window. And I saw a video of some Japanese Taiko drummers a few years ago and I was struck by the intensity and simplicity of those massive drums.

"As our first song back in two years I chose a monochrome look, to keep things more bold and focused compared to our multicoloured past. I used a few clips from the riots, as well as a load of homemade footage of treacle and oil I filmed on my phone, and cut-out words to get the DIY look I was after. The video is supposed to get across the anger and frustration of the riots, as well as the confusion and sense of having no purpose or future."



Phil Tidy
Production Company
Urchin Productions
Director of Photography
Deane Thrussell
Art Director
Nigel Mitchell
Jon Everything
c/o Time Based Arts

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