Cheryl 'Under The Sun' by Anthony Mandler

Cheryl 'Under The Sun' by Anthony MandlerCheryl 'Under The Sun' by Anthony Mandler
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Cheryl (that's Cheryl Cole, do keep up) swaps the waterways of downtown LA for an idealised studio version of 'London' - starting in the good ol' British pub - in her video for Under The Sun, her second Anthony Mandler-directed promo - he also directed the video for Call My Name.

Anthony's video for Under The Sun sees Cheryl (looking pretty hot, as always) strut her stuff and charm market stall-holders out in the sunshine. It all climaxes in one of her trademark dance routines after the sun goes down...


Anthony Mandler
Production Company
Black Hand Cinema
Executive Producer
Luti Fagbenle
1st AD
Liam Lock
2nd AD
George Nelson
Director of Photography
Richard Stewart
Production Manager
Elliott Tagg
Art Director
David White
Bex Crofton
Semera Khan

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