Smiler ft Professor Green & Tawiah 'Top Of The World' by Thomas Bryant

Smiler ft Professor Green & Tawiah 'Top Of The World' by Thomas Bryant
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"We wanted to make a fun video for Smiler and let him be himself in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way," explains Thomas Bryant on his promo for Smiler's new single Top Of The World.

"We wanted to let his personality shine through - which was achieved by him having a good time interacting with both Tawiah and Professor Green. It was a great shoot and ran smoothly, its a simple feel good promo that leaves you with a smile after viewing!"


Thomas Bryant
Dulcie Kelett
Executive Producer
Sean Stuart
Production Company
NTSH LondonNTSH London website
Director of Photography
Thomas English
Art Director
Joseph Gibson
Jon Hearn
Mike Prior
Director's Representation
Jen Herrera & Ashley Sykes

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