Joan Colomo 'Màgic' by Alan Masferrer

Joan Colomo 'Màgic' by Alan MasferrerJoan Colomo 'Màgic' by Alan Masferrer
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Short but sweet, Alan Masferrer delivers this delightful promo for indie Catalan singer Joan Colomo to partner the gentle acoustics of new single Màgic. It involved recreating Joan in cartoon form in two very different ways - one in papier maché, the other in pixels.

"Joan Colomo is a Spanish singer with a strong personality and style, and the song, which talks about happiness as a result of ignorance, is one of his biggest successes," explains Alan.

"The song is very short, so, one of the objectives was to create a very visual clip in which you fancy watching more than once. We hadn't referenced about this kind of movements and action, so it was a bit difficult to imagine the final outcome until the last phase of post production."


Alan Masferrer
Director of Photography
Alex Font (Sunday)
Josep Malo (Sunday)
Sandra Pagès
Miki Solé

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