Emmy The Great 'God Of Loneliness' by Chris Boyle

Emmy The Great 'God Of Loneliness' by Chris BoyleEmmy The Great 'God Of Loneliness' by Chris Boyle
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For Emmy The Great's God Of Loneliness promo, Chris Boyle delivers this excellent black comedy starring Peepshow's Isy Suttie and Shazad Latif from Spooks.

Half music video, half short film, the story peeks behind net curtains to reveal a happily macabre, odd-ball world where a woman will stop at nothing to have the perfect date night. A bitter-sweet Coen-esque comedy about a twee woman mutate from failing domestic goddess to manslaughtering boggle player in under six minutes.

"Emmy approached me looking to do something a little different for the re-release of her album Virtue, and I suggested that we shot a dark little character-based narrative," explains Chris.

"Once I'd written the script we sent it out to cast and my first choices, Shazad and Isy were available and up for it... Plus, as an added bonus I also managed to blag a location in Trellick Tower to shoot for free.

"We had a great day's shooting - the crew were amazing, Isy and Shazad knocked it out the park, DoP Nick Wood really nailed their performances and a special mention should to Caroline Story's amazing, if not flipping creepy, portrait of Isy..."


Chris Boyle
Production Company
Tom Knight
David Sohanpal
Director of Photography
Nick Wood
Art Director
Caroline Story
Maite Chemin
Chris Boyle

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